, Unapologetically Sparkling

Unapologetically Sparkling

In January this year, I was honored to deliver my first speaking engagement of 2023 to the Women in Business group under the Georgetown KY Chamber of Commerce. My presentation was titled “Reclaiming Your Sparkle.”

It was an incredibly vulnerable talk. I felt privileged to kick off their year in Georgetown, KY, the very place where I left my high-powered corporate job. The support these women offered, inviting me to share in their lives, was humbling and a true honor.

During my talk, I spoke about a noticeable change—how people observed a return of my sparkle after a period of exhaustion and hardship.

Sparkle. What a beautiful term. Defined as a “glittering flash of light,” it resonates deeply with me. I often joke that glitter is my favorite color.

Losing my sparkle for a time saddened me, but I’ve chosen to grant myself the grace and patience needed to reclaim it. And you know what? I have reclaimed it.

Looking ahead, my aspiration is to become that sparkle for people, particularly women, whether through coaching, speaking, consulting, or simply as a friend, daughter, or partner.

Sparkle generates light. It motivates, uplifts, and enhances everything it touches. It radiates positivity and is unapologetically itself—an always-welcome presence.

This essence birthed “Sparkle in Your Inbox.” No matter how small, a sparkle holds tremendous power to brighten life unexpectedly, infusing hope and excitement. That’s my mission. And I’m excited to bring that to the inboxes of those who welcome it.

I’m ready to unapologetically radiate that sparkle and invite you to do so, too! Sparkle on, everyone!