, Reflections on the Longest Night and the MOST Time of Year

Reflections on the Longest Night and the MOST Time of Year

It’s the Winter Solstice! Here we are, on the longest night of the year, just a stone’s throw away from Christmas and the brink of a brand-spanking new year. Lately, I’ve been in this reflective zone. Every day feels like this open field for uncovering something new about myself.

I was tuning in to one of my fave podcasts by Glennon Doyle called “We Can Do Hard Things,” and she dropped a truth bomb that hit me hard: It’s the MOST time of year. For many of us, it’s not the most wonderful time… it’s so easy to get caught up in handling the stress, the chaos, and the ups and downs. How do we take care of ourselves in the midst of all this?

As I have shared before, writing stuff down feels like the first step to making magic happen. Here’s how I’ve been preparing for the new year:

  1. Engaging in meaningful discussions with my colleagues to pave the way for collaborative success in 2024.
  2. Reaching out to my horseshoe of friends to understand how I can best support them in their journeys.
  3. Creating sacred spaces within my home, cultivating areas where quiet reflection and introspection can thrive.
  4. Practicing mindfulness through deep, purposeful breaths.
  5. Reflecting on last year’s aspirations, celebrating achievements, and embracing the path still unfolding.
  6. Recognizing the boundaries of control, finding peace in acceptance, and embracing what lies within my sphere of influence.
  7. Embracing gratitude by counting and cherishing my blessings, big and small.

So, are you willing to gift yourself some downtime on this long night? In the midst of this whirlwind time of year, how are you honoring yourself?

As the stars sparkle tonight, let’s soak in the peace, find our strength in the quiet, and tune in to the universe’s whispers guiding us toward a bit of R&R during the MOST time of year.

Here’s to your longest night filled with all that is good.