, My Resignaversary

My Resignaversary

It is the one-year anniversary of my resignation from a job I thought would stay with me until retirement. While this past year has forced me to engage in my self-discovery, I still feel I am in a stage of self-recovery as well. In a very abbreviated nutshell, my freedom from corporate survival story is this: I was the Executive Director of a large senior living community that opened in June of 2020, right in the thrush of the pandemic. Leaving on February 25, 2022 was the most challenging experience of my career.

Let me admit something to you…. I wrote out the course of events leading up to my resignation as well as all the juicy details that occurred on resignation day, intending to post them on this blog. Reliving the day and putting my emotions through the keyboard was healing.

And after great consideration, I decided that sharing all negativity was not the right speech. I’m comfortable sharing my resignation story because it can help women to acknowledge their value and create a life they love. So if interested, reach out. We’ll have coffee or wine and talk about it. But here is not a place to share grievances. 

What I know for sure….what I have learned…. I do feel compelled to state in this blog. Davonna Inclusive’s business philosophy encourages us to share vulnerabilities and survival stories to empower and learn from each other.

I will never regret the job. I learned so much, and I know I/we did life-changing, beautiful things for the seniors and their families.

We all have things to be proud of from our past. Whether it be a job, project, relationship, experience, or work…. all of it makes us who we are. It’s part of our herstory. And enough though whatever it is may not be “good” now, doesn’t diminish how good it was before. 

So to the fantastic co-laborers out there that worked alongside me, and to ANYONE who has faced the challenges of leaving something you loved…

You did incredible things. Nothing can take that away. Own it. Honor it. And move on to the next thing that allows you to step into your power, live your truth, and change the world for the better. 

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  1. Kristin cherry

    So well said. Many honorable people have faced the same things.

    1. DavonnaInc

      Thank you, kind lady. Your mentorship and validation mean the world.

  2. Julia Monroe

    Davonna you have such a beautiful spirit. You did wonderful, amazing, life affirming things as an executive director. You did all of those things and loves all of your residents, their family, and staff because of who you are, not because of the title you held! I was and am proud to call you my colleague. Best wishes to you always!

  3. ds

    your sheroes journey is an inspiration to many

  4. Clelland

    Amazing talent with professionalism. Airing grievances is not the point. Nor does it help anyone. The positive things you learned and that you are continuing your growth is the important stuff. Any of us can get trapped.

    Thank you for sharing your journey.

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