, Horseshoe Meaning for this Kentucky Girl

Horseshoe Meaning for this Kentucky Girl

This year, I’ve embraced a new term that’s truly taken root in my heart. Credit goes to my dear friend, Jess, for introducing me to this life-altering concept. To fully grasp the depth of this term in my vocabulary, there are two things you need to know about me:

Firstly, throughout my life, when referring to my close-knit group of friends, I’ve always used the term “circle.”

Secondly, while I was born and raised in Kentucky, I’ve never quite identified as a “horse girl.” Don’t get me wrong—I find horses breathtaking, but I wouldn’t call myself an equine enthusiast or expert.

As someone who champions inclusivity, I’ve adopted the term “horseshoe” for my circle of friends. Circles may seem infinite, but they’re closed loops. In contrast, horseshoes have an opening. They’re always ready to welcome more.

Moreover, beyond its traditional purpose of protecting a horse’s hooves from wear and tear, a horseshoe mirrors what my closest friends represent in my life. Like the practical horseshoe, my dear friends offer stability through life’s rocky terrain in moments of adversity and celebration. They provide support, helping to distribute life’s weight evenly, allowing me to prioritize and live my best life—much like a sturdy metal horseshoe.

So, the next time you spot a horseshoe, sure, think of it as a symbol of good fortune or the majestic creature it protects. But also, contemplate how you welcome others into your groups. Be inclusive.

Embracing the concept of the “horseshoe” within my friendships has been transformative. It’s a reminder to keep our circles open, invite others in, and recognize the immense support and stability friends offer, much like the reliable horseshoe in life’s journey. It’s a call to extend the same inclusivity and support to others, creating connections that uplift, validate, and inspire us all.