, Embracing the Spaghetti Strategy: Finding Clarity in the Beautiful Mess

Embracing the Spaghetti Strategy: Finding Clarity in the Beautiful Mess

A few months back, I had a meeting with my business coach. After diving deep into the progress and dreams of Davonna Inc. for a solid two hours, I left feeling a sense of peace—she helped me put a name to my current mindset. Words hold immense power.

I told her I hadn’t figured out my full direction yet. Some of my eggs weren’t in the same basket; truth be told, some weren’t even in a basket. I’m navigating, learning, and piecing things together. It’s a mix of confusion, excitement, fear, and contemplation, but mostly, it’s an uneasy feeling.

She remarked, “So, you’re essentially throwing spaghetti on the wall.”

“What in the world does that mean?” I asked.

“You’re experimenting, trying new things, and seeing what sticks.”

Ah, yes. That’s exactly where I find myself. And it’s time to fully embrace that notion.

Later, in her fabulous coaching style, she followed up with an email that began like this:

“You’re on the right path. The spaghetti you’re throwing at the wall? That’s Italian flare. Whether it’s angel hair, ziti, manicotti, rigatoni, ravioli, cavatappi, or any other type of Italian pasta – the choice is yours. And yes, I absolutely had to look up different types of Italian noodles.”

For all my friends out there, especially those embarking on new business ventures, it’s okay not to have all the answers. It’s okay to take leaps and sometimes fall short. Failure always beats regret. Most importantly, it’s vital to sit in the unknown at times. It takes courage to break out of comfort zones, recognizing that the journey through the messiness leads to clarity. We’re often our harshest critics. Instead of dwelling on setbacks, why not ponder, “What if everything actually falls into place?”

So, try those things—some might stick, some might not. Throw it all on the wall! Create your beautiful mess. Embrace and own every step of your journey!

. . . . . 

Side note: Shout out to our Small Business Development Center for pairing me with a coach. Their services are stellar, and I am grateful.