, Confidence, Cookies, and Community

Confidence, Cookies, and Community

I recently had a fabulous speaking engagement in Indianapolis with the Kappa Delta Alumnae at their annual State Day. The topic? Confidence. What made this event extra special was the presence of a Girl Scout troop for part of the conference.

The first half of my presentation was dedicated to these powerful middle school girls. We discussed the importance of confidence in selling Girl Scout cookies and in life, focusing on mindset, appearance, and actions. We discussed owning our authentic lights and confidently going out into the world, even if we were scared. The girls were incredibly interactive, sharing stories and thoughts from their hearts.

I challenged the Girl Scouts with a worksheet titled ‘The Confidence Cookie,’ which they completed with the help of the KDs. Witnessing their discussions and seeing all the Girl Scouts willing to present their findings made my heart swell with gratitude.

As women, we must be reminded of the profound impact of community and support on our journey towards confidence. It’s essential to recognize that we all need one another to share experiences and to uplift and empower each other. During my time with the Girl Scouts and the Kappa Delta Alumnae, I emphasized the significance of this interconnectedness. They already had a strong sense of community within their respective groups, and now, they’ve expanded their network to include each other. This sense of belonging and encouragement is a powerful force that fuels confidence and growth.

This full-circle moment meant a lot to me as a former Girl Scout. A huge thank you to the Kappa Delta Indy Evening Alumnae Chapter and a special shoutout to Troop 3957 Cadettes (Teriana, Zoe, Priya, Miah). I’m excited about your future. Go confidently toward it!