, Embracing the Beauty of Simplicity: Celebrating National Simplicity Day

Embracing the Beauty of Simplicity: Celebrating National Simplicity Day

Growing up, I was always reminded of the importance of the KISS approach – “Keep It Simple, Sweetie.” On July 12th, we celebrate National Simplicity Day, an occasion that invites us to embrace our inner energy and appreciate the profound beauty found in simplicity. Inspired by the timeless teachings of Henry David Thoreau, this day serves as a reminder to simplify our surroundings and nurture our souls to create an authentic and fulfilling life.

As I age, I find myself increasingly appreciating the simple things that bring me immense joy. Here are a few recent moments that have filled my heart with gratitude:

  • The comforting purr of my cats.
  • Waking up without the need for an alarm.
  • The invigorating feeling of a clean and organized home.
  • The arrival of the stargazer lilies, signaling the beauty of this time of year.
  • Unexpected and heartwarming texts from dear friends.
  • The nostalgic aroma of Pinesol, evoking memories of a tidy and welcoming space.
  • An extra-long, soul-nourishing hug.
  • The tranquil silence of the morning, a moment of peaceful reflection.
  • A book hangover, when a story has captivated me so profoundly that it lingers in my thoughts.
  • Savoring a BLT sandwich with a juicy summer tomato.

These examples merely scratch the surface, as there are countless more everyday wonders that inspire joy and contentment. Appreciating the simple things is an essential practice that allows us to cultivate gratitude and a profound sense of being. It reminds us that happiness resides not solely in grand achievements but also in the beauty of seemingly ordinary moments.

Now, I invite you to reflect: What simple everyday activity or observation brings you the most joy? Take a moment to contemplate the subtle wonders that brighten your life and bring a smile to your face. Share your thoughts, and let us celebrate the beauty of simplicity together.

, Embracing the Beauty of Simplicity: Celebrating National Simplicity Day

This is a picture of milkweed in our backyard. It attracts monarchs and also has a beautiful pink hue that makes my heart smile.