, Alignment


About two years ago, after bidding farewell to the corporate grind, I ventured into uncharted territory: Pilates classes. I was a Pilates newbie, feeling a mix of vulnerability and awe at the array of Pilates equipment. But that first visit had me hooked! My body felt alive—challenged, stretched, and oh-so-cared-for. Stepping out, I was walking taller, breathing better, and riding that wave of pure satisfaction.

That euphoric post-Pilates feeling is akin to what they call “organizing the body” in the Pilates realm. It’s a mind-body workout extravaganza, making our brains and bodies play and work nice with one another. When I leave a class, I feel like every part of me has stretched and put through its paces. I feel aligned and motivated to experience the rest of my day like I do in a Pilates class.

So alignment . .  . .that’s my 2024 word.

Alignment is all about striking the right pose and breathing through it, both in Pilates and in the daily juggle of work, health, and mindset. I don’t want to feel pulled in a zillion directions. Give me clear direction and pace, and watch me unleash my best self. Saying “yes” or “no” hinges on how aligned an opportunity is with my goals and overall purpose.

Last May, I worked with Sutherland & Associates to create a strategic plan for Davonna Inc. It was not easy, and it got me very focused. Having a game plan is a game-changer! (On a side note, it’s funny how life comes full circle—I’m now part of the Sutherland & Associates team and love every minute of it!)

Aligning my actions with my mission, vision, and values is non-negotiable. If I want to create my own reality and live my life to the fullest, I must stay true to myself.

And when it comes to decision-making . .  .here’s the big challenge – I’ve always been the quintessential “yes girl.” Saying yes and then making it happen? My specialty. I had to do it in corporate, and felt I needed to do the same as a new business owner looking for work. But in the wild world of running a business, overcommitting can be a one-way ticket to burnout city. Learning to say “no” without batting an eyelash is part of proper alignment. And as a recovering People Pleaser, “alignment” is the perfect word for me.

Alignment – where my intentions and actions cheerfully meet. It’s a constant check-in, asking myself, “Where to? What do I want? And how’s the best way there?” A synergy-filled dance and a chance to practice what I preach.

Wish me luck! And I’d love to hear your word for the year. Let’s cheer each other on in 2024!